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Dallas Mayor Rawlings unveiled the new concept for the Trinity River Park on May 20


Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings unveiled a new concept for the first phase of the Trinity River Park. Using native plants, elevated landscape and natural features, the park will transform and restore the Trinity River Corridor while making it accessible to citizens.

“Today is a new day,” Rawlings said. “There have been many conversations about what this park can be, and should be, but we’ve never had a clear and realistic vision until now. For too long, this project has divided this city. The concept we now have for the Trinity River Park has the potential to take what has long been a divider in our city and transform it into a connection.”

The concept includes a new naturalized river landscape that is ever-changing, just like the Trinity River. During rainy seasons, the design will allow for flowing waterways and lush greenery. During the drier seasons, it will transform into a marsh-like waterscape with an exposed river bottom and drier plant life. It also includes miles of pathways and trails within the levees, and sites for five elevated parks with overlooks that will extend from inside the levees into the adjacent communities. Those overlooks will serve as connectors that will attract park visitors and draw new growth into the communities they touch.

The conceptual plans were funded through The Trinity Trust as a gift from Deedie and the late Rusty Rose.

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