Dallas CityDesign Studio


If you can choreograph a diversity of development, and have a city working in conjunction with private developers
and community people to build products that are more valuable and have more staying power, then you get a better city.”
– Larry Beasley, Chief Advisor for the Dallas CityDesign Studio, From the Dallas Morning News

The Dallas CityDesign Studio was formed in October of 2009 through a grant to the City of Dallas from The Trinity Trust Foundation, funded by a generous gift from Deedie and Rusty Rose. Focusing on neighborhoods and development along the Trinity River Corridor, the grant represents a partnership between the City and The Trinity Trust to share in the CityDesign Studio’s operation cost. Larry Beasley, one of the world’s top urban planners and the city planner that helped to establish the City of Vancouver as one of the most livable cities in the world, serves as Urban Design Special Advisor to the CityDesign Studio.

Housed within City Hall, the CityDesign Studio blends together the broader design community and the City of Dallas. The purpose of the Dallas CityDesign Studio is to elevate the design consciousness and culture of Dallas, while working to balance social, economic, environmental, and design sustainability towards enhancing livability for all Dallas residents.

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