Calatrava Student Constructors’ Workshop

SPONSORSHIP of the educational documentary, “Calatrava Student Constructors’,” a film and STEM teaching tool


MAY 2011

The Trinity Trust along with SMU’s Summer Youth Program and Talented and Gifted Program, thank all of the students and their families who participated in the Calatrava Colossal Constructors orientation and workshop. Instructor David Abbondanzio, of The Study Center, Inc., who teaches in the Plano-based SMU Summer Youth Program, will led the Saturday workshop in building a study-model of Calatrava’s first cable-stayed vehicular bridge in America.

The Calatrava Colossal Constructors Student Finalists (listed by first name):
Ali • Angelica • Basi • Claire • Gabrielle M. • Jaylin • Rachael • Ricardo • Roland • Rubi • Simon • Star

The SMU Talented and Gifted program awarded a scholarship to Simon Cohen, a student at Dallas ISD’s William B. Travis Vanguard and Academy for the Academically Talented and Gifted, for the summer 2011 program.

Cohen said, “The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is like a dream. When you look at it, the final version, it’s breath-taking and it almost seems magical… but once taken through the step-by-step process, you can really understand the complexity, but also why it fits together so well.”