“Calatrava Student Constructors'”

A Film and STEM Teaching Tool About The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge


The Film | View the trailer

‘Calatrava Student Constructors’ is a short documentary that follows 12 Dallas-area students who trace the architectural and engineering feat of Santiago Calatrava’s first vehicular bridge in the United States – the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Guided by City of Dallas engineer Rebecca Rasor, VSL cable construction director Jim McTaggert, and David Abudanzio of The Study Center and Southern Methodist University’s Summer Youth Program and Talented and Gifted Program, the students explore the actual bridge expanding over the Trinity River from downtown Dallas to West Dallas. Then, based on physics and math principles, they learn how to build an 8-foot model of Dallas’ new signature cable-stayed bridge.

‘Calatrava Student Constructors’ aims to capture the imagination of Dallas area students and promote connectivity between the real world and classroom studies, as well as inform students of all ages about the newly-erected iconic bridge that is visible for miles in all directions. The film connects the construction, architecture and engineering of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and the surrounding river corridor with math, physics and science coursework. The documentary allows viewers to witness the power of project-based learning in a collaborative classroom that links STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) principles to a tangible and very visible real-world structure. Created as a tool to be used in tandem with approved STEM curriculum for elementary and middle schools, the film also serves as a tool for engendering an awareness of city planning and city pride.

The Director and Producer

Emmy Award-winning director and producer Judy Kelly has tracked the building of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge since its beginning. Inspired by the prospect of inviting students to learn about its engineering, architecture and construction, Kelly initiated a partnership with SMU to create the student workshop and film. She has worked tirelessly, donating much of her time and expertise, with The Trinity Trust to manifest this educational documentary for students.

Sponsorship: The Proposal

The Trinity Trust seeks the partnership of a community-minded corporation committed to furthering educational initiatives in Dallas. By joining The Trinity Trust in underwriting the costs of the film, the presenting sponsor enables us to further craft and edit the film to suit STEM curriculum and classroom initiatives. Sponsorship will also allow The Trinity Trust to provide free access to the film for educators, including curriculum administrators in all Dallas area schools, public and private.

A presenting sponsor also allows The Trinity Trust to subtitle the film in Spanish, enabling distribution to Spanish-language classrooms, television stations and partners in countries such as Spain, the home country of world-renowned architect Santiago Calatrava.

Please contact Tierney Kaufman, Outreach and Development Coordinator, at 214 740 1616 or Tierney@thetrinitytrust.org for more information on education and film sponsorship opportunities.