Trinity Forest Spine Trail

“To be whole. To be complete. Wildness reminds us what it means to be human,
what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from.”  
Terry Tempest Williams

“From the Audubon to the Arboretum”

Imagine a trail that meanders past a pond flocked on all sides with Blue Heron. Picture biking on a forest trail flanked by towering trees. Pause lakeside under a pavilion surrounded by the murmurs of Barred Owls.

Twenty-first century Dallas will offer these experiences.

The Trinity Forest Spine Trail will open a treasure of undisturbed forest to the citizens of Dallas. Traveling south from White Rock Lake past the Trinity River Audubon Center extending to IH-20, this 17.5-mile hard-surfaced trail will be a unique passage to the unspoiled outdoors and the beauty and discoveries it provides. Winding through the Great Trinity Forest, the Spine Trail will
– offer access to an urban forest inaccessible to humans for a century;
– provide miles of excursion trail for pedestrians, bicyclists and riders on horseback;
– give access to the Great Trinity Forest and scenic overlooks;link to various transit avenues, including DART;
– present community and volunteer opportunities for clean-ups and trail maintenance.

Help us create a new Dallas—one with a wild, green heart in the midst of our concrete and glass.

“The Trinity Trust Raises $650,000 for Trails This Summer”

On August 26, Dallas City Council approved $650,000 in private funds from The Trinity Trust for trails in the Great Trinity Forest in Southern Dallas. This was part of a $5 million matching grant from the Fort Worth District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with the City of Dallas, bringing the total amount to $10 million for trails. Thank you to the donors who gave to the community for access to nature, and thank you to the Corps and the City for putting a priority on trails. We will have another exciting announcement about this and the full details in September.

“Dallas County Gives $5.3 Million Matching Grant for Trinity Forest Spine Trail”

In 2014, Dallas County designated $5.3 million of matching funds for a portion of the Trinity Forest Spine Trail that will link White Rock Lake
with the Great Trinity Forest. These total funds will go toward construction of the northern-most part of trail that runs 4.5 miles from the White Rock Greenbelt, around the Tenison Park Golf Course, and down to the Lawnview DART Station at Scyene Road.

With the grant in place, The Trinity Trust is working to raise the matching funds to begin construction on the hard-surfaced trail. The complete Trinity Forest Spine Trail Once the initial funding for construction is secured, the campaign will expand to include raising funds for amenities such as trailheads, benches, shade structures, and more. The total trail is estimated to cost $20 million.

“Trinity Forest Spine Trail Awarded Excellence in Planning”

The Trinity Forest Spine Trail Master Plan was recently awarded the Excellence in Planning Award from the Texas Recreation and Park Society (TRAPS).

The Trinity Forest Spine Trail Master Plan is a partnership between The Trinity Trust Foundation and the City of Dallas, including participation from the Park and Recreation Department, Trinity Watershed Management, and the Dallas Police Department. Developed by HALFF Associates and assisted by Bowman-Melton Associates, the master plan helps establish the future vision and identity of the Trinity Forest Spine Trail corridor while serving to streamline implementation for regional and local pedestrian/bicycle, equestrian and paddle trails, as well as access from neighborhoods.

Each year, projects that are recognized render significant contributions to the field of parks and recreation by TRAPS, a nonprofit educational and professional organization founded 77 years ago to advance the profession of parks, recreation, and leisure services in Texas. The core mission is to provide education, advocacy and resources to all who enhance the quality of life through parks, open spaces and recreation.

The Trinity Trust and the City of Dallas would like to thank TRAPS for their recognition of the effort and attention to details that were necessary in the development of the Trinity Forest Spine Trail Master Plan.

For donor opportunities, contact Tierney Kaufman at 214.740.1616 or