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Dallas has the largest urban bottomland hardwood forest in the nation.

Great Trinity Forest

Dallas is home to the Great Trinity Forest, the largest uncut urban bottomland hardwood forest in the nation, sprawling more than 6,000 acres. The forest stretches eleven miles along the Trinity River, with boundaries of the Santa Fe Trestle Trail near Corinth Street and Riverfront Boulevard, within view of downtown Dallas, to just past Interstate-20.

The Great Trinity Forest is home to the Trinity River Audubon Center, as well as miles of trails and open areas for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. In addition to the Santa Fe Trestle Trail and the famous Texas Buckeye Trail, areas of outdoor recreation include Joppa Preserve, McCommas Bluff Preserve, L.B. Houston Nature Trail, Trinity River Wetlands, Lower White Rock Creek, Sycamore Dixon, Levee Trails, Rochester Park and more. This beautiful environmental commodity is more than seven times the size of New York’s Central Park in acreage.

The Trinity Trust is raising funds to expand existing trails and create new trails within the Great Trinity Forest for public use, as well as connect trails located within the forest with other areas of Dallas like the White Rock Lake Trail System and the Katy Trail System. These new and extended trails include both soft and hard surface paths for various forms of recreational use with a plan for security and safety measures.

Currently, The Trinity Trust is working on funding a 14.3-mile hard-surfaced trail that will run from White Rock Lake through the forest to the Trinity River Audubon Center. The Spine Trail Campaign will launch Summer 2013.


Trinity Lakes

Crow Park | Trinity River Wind Festival | Continental Bridge | Trinity Park Overlook

The Trinity Lakes region runs between the levees across from Downtown Dallas and is considered the Dallas Floodway. Flood control and transportation are focuses in this area to keep the surrounding neighborhoods safe and to help traffic flow. In the Balanced Vision Plan, the Trinity Lakes area will consist of the following and more:

90-acre Urban Lake | 60-acre Natural Lake | Central Island | Corinth Wetlands | Trails

The new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, completed in March 2012 – and the future Margaret McDermott Bridge (I-30) – is a beautiful landmark that gives notice to the nature of the corridor below.

The Trinity Lakes region begins at joining of the Elm Fork and West Fork of the Trinity River and flows down to the location of the Santa Fe Trestle Trail, The Dallas Wave and Moore Park location.


Trinity Fields

The Trinity Fields region is located in the northern most area of the Trinity River Corridor Project. Sports and nature lovers will spend time in this beautiful and recreational along the Trinity River Elm Fork where there are various sports fields, trails and park amenities. The Elm Forth Athletic Complex Phase I will be completed at the end of 2012 and includes seven soccer fields, soft surface trails, a bird overlook and more. The complex is located on Walnut Hill Lane west of 35E.


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