Project Timeline


The Trinity River during the flood of 1908. 

1841: John Neely Bryan settled along the banks of the Trinity River
1893: Steamboat A.H. Harvey comes up from Galveston on the river
1902: Funding for locks and dams in the Trinity River secured
1908: The great flood that rose 53 feet and forced Dallas to control the Trinity
1911: George Kessler spurred building levees and straightening the river
1912: City built the Houston Street Viaduct
1919: Construction begins on levees
1921: Funding for locks and dams withdrawn by Congress
1932: Two levees containing the Trinity River are completed and four pump stations are built
1940s: The Trinity River is relocated between the levees
1960: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers upgraded the levees
1963: John F. Kennedy signed the Trinity River Basin Bill to support a barge canal to the gulf
1973: Dallas voters denied the bonds for the canal
1983: Trinity River State Park designated in Dallas
1990s: The Texas Buckeye Trail, initiated by Ned Fritz, is constructed
1994, December: City Council adopts The Dallas Plan
1997, March: City Council approves the Great Trinity Forest Master Plan Concept
1998, May: Trinity River Project bond package for $246 million passed under the leadership of Ron Kirk
1999, August: City Council approves initial phases of the Trinity River Project
2000, September: House-Senate committee authorizes $3.1 million for the Trinity River Project
2000, December: Environmental groups sue to halt the project
2001, July: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison raises needed federal funds for first Calatrava bridge and Dallas Floodway Extension
2001, September: State District Judge Anne Ashby upholds bond election and plan
2001, November: Trinity River Project proponent Ron Kirk resigns as Mayor to work for U.S. Senate
2002, February: Laura Miller becomes Dallas mayor and pushes to change the Trinity River Project plan
2002: Group creates the Trinity Strand Trail to raise funding for a trail along the Old Trinity Meander
2002, April: Dallas Floodway Extension halts
2002, Summer: Anonymous donor gives money for design fees for Calatrava second bridge (I-30)

2002, September: Private donors pay to hire consultants Chan Krieger and Associates, Hargreaves Associates, and TDA for a new master plan for the project
2003: The Balanced Vision Plan is completed and and adopted by Dallas City Council
2004: The Trinity Trust raises funds for the first Calatrava Bridge, the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
2007: Model of the Trinity River Corridor Project donated by Alon USA to The Trinity Trust
2007, November: Bond election on the Trinity Tollway
2008, January: The Trinity Trust receives a donation from the Hoblitzelle Foundation to create Moore Park
2008, October: Trinity River Audubon Center opens
2008: Trinity Overlook Park opens
2009, March: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers deemed levees “Unacceptable” due the change in grading standards after Hurricane Katrina
2009, August: Constructions begins on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
2009, September: The Trinity Trust receives a $10 million anonymous gift, a portion of which is used transform Continental Bridge into a pedestrian bridge
2009, October: The Dallas CityDesign Studio is created through a grant from The Trinity Trust funded by Deedie and Rusty Rose.
2010: Construction begins on The Dallas Wave
2010, May: Trinity Strand Trail completes the Turtle Creek Plaza
2010, May: The City of Dallas holds the first Trinity River Wind Festival
2011, April: New Margaret McDermott Bridge (I-30) redesign approved
2012, March: Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge opens to fanfare with a 3-day celebration hosted by the City of Dallas, The Trinity Trust, and Trinity Commons
2012, March: Sylvan Avenue Bridge construction begins
2012, September: Santa Fe Trestle Trail completed
2013, May: Construction begins on the Margaret McDermott Bridge and the Horseshoe Project
2013, May: Continental Avenue Bridge begins construction to be converted to a pedestrian and bike bridge
2013, June: Moore Park Gateway Pavilion and Amphitheater grand opening, made possible by a gift from the Hoblitzelle Foundation
2014, April: Consultants unveil new concepts for Trinity Parkway design
2014, June: Opening of Continental Avenue Bridge and Trinity Skyline Trail
2014, November: Margaret McDermott steel arrives in Dallas and construction on arches begin
2015, August: Topping off of the first arch of the Margaret McDermott Bridge
2015, August: Dallas City Council unanimously approves “Dream Team” design for the Trinity Parkway
2016, May: Mayor Rawlings unveils new concept for the phase 1 of the Trinity River Park
2016, June: Dedication of Continental Avenue Bridge to the Ronald Kirk Bridge after the former mayor
2016, July: Dedication of the West Dallas Gateway to the Felix H. Lozada Sr. Gateway after the West Dallas community leader
2016, July: Topping off of the second arch of the Margaret McDermott Bridge